Get Loan Setup Custom Fields

This request allows you to pull a loan's setup Custom Field information.

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Custom fields are used by lenders to track information that's important to their business practices but isn't native to LoanPro:

  • The LoanSetup object is nested within the Loans entity.
  • This request will pull information about all of the custom fields associated with a loan's setup information. The response will include the following information:
    • id : this is the database ID of the custom field
    • entityId: in this context, this is the system ID of the loan setup configuration
    • customFieldId: this is the system ID of the custom field
    • customFieldValue: this is the current value of the custom field

For an example of how custom fields work within the UI, take a look at our Using Custom Fields article. And for an example of how loan setup terms work within the UI, our Setup Terms article is a good source of information.


For information on setup terms and custom field database tables, see the following articles:

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