Cancel Dispute

This request cancels an open dispute claim.

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A dispute can be cancelled at any point before a dispute is approved or denied. Here's an overview of the dispute process and what must be completed before canceling a dispute:

Please note the following when canceling a dispute:

  • A swipe must already have an active dispute as determined by the status of "lineOfCredit.transactionStatus.dispute".
  • When a dispute is cancelled, the system will complete the following tasks:
    • The swipe will return to its original status before the dispute claim.
    • Any provisional credits will be reversed.
    • An evaluation of transaction amounts will be made to ensure values are accurate.
    • The dispute status will be updated to "cancelled" and the dispute claim will be closed.

💭 Want to learn more about disputes?

Disputes are made by borrowers to challenge the validity of a swipe made on a line of credit account.

Disputes are created and stored within the Disputes object, which is nested within the LineOfCreditSwipes object. The dispute entity as holds the relationship between the dispute itself and other entities, such as the line of credit account, swipe, and potential credit.


For information regarding line of credit dispute database tables, see the following articles:

Database – Dispute Entity (dispute_entity)

Database – Line of Credit Swipes (line_of_credit_swipe_entity)

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