Send Form to DocuSign

This request allows you to send a form to DocuSign for signature.


LoanPro's Loan Management System includes an integration with DocuSign for form signature. Here's what you need to know to send a form to DocuSign:

  • DocuSign's integration needs to be set up within your account beforehand. Your DocuSign account will need to be linked to your LoanPro account.
  • Our DocuSign integration works in tandem with custom forms.
  • A 200 response will include the link to the document to be signed. That URL can be then be opened in a browser to continue the process with DocuSign. LoanPro will not be involved in the process again until after the document has been signed by the customer. After a signature is collected, DocuSign will send a callback request to LoanPro’s API which will send the signed document as a PDF. The signed document will be attached to the loan account.

For an example of how the DocuSign integration works within the UI, take a a look at our DocuSign – Sending a Form article.


For information on custom form database tables, see the following articles:

    "loanId": 10526,
    "customFormId": 158,
    "returnUrl": ""


Try It Instructions

Our requests typically provide some sample information within the payload and URL path. However, due to the nature of this request, we won't be able to provide any. As such, you will need to use your own account's authentication information.

However, for an example of what a 200 response from this request looks like, click the response examples located under the Try It button.

When sending this request yourself, you will need a valid loan ID as well as a a valid form ID. Please note that forms used in this request require that the DocuSign integration be enabled. Using a form without DocuSign enabled will result in a 409 response.

A 200 response will include the link to the document so it can be signed.

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